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Absenteeism from work due to allergies

It is clear that frequent episodes due to various allergy problems can lead to poor health and impaired quality of life.  This in turn can lead to a higher rate of absenteeism from work.
Absenteeism from work due to sick is the hardest worker benefit to manage because it is an ‘unanticipated leave’.  When a worker [...]

The Mechanism of Allergy

The Mechanism of Immunity. (How does it begin?)
The “immune system” defends the body against infections and cancerous cells. One of its key jobs, before going on the offensive, is to recognize the difference between:
1.      self and non self (for example normal cells lining the lung and bacteria trying to infect the lung and enter the [...]

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Welcome Note

Welcome to The Allergy Clinic Malta.

The Allergy Clinic Malta is committed to provide a high quality service for the diagnosis, management and advice service for people who suffer from allergy problems.

In Europe today and all over the world, allergic diseases are among the most common chronic illnesses, both in childhood and adult life and allergies are on the increase. Actually in the last two decades, the incidence and severity of allergic diseases has increased significantly.


Allergies range from the mild and ? to the chronic and disabling.


It is therefore essential that early recognition and diagnosis of allergies is made as early as possible.


The Allergy Clinic Malta offers a modern approach for all common allergy problems:


  • Priority given to identify causes for allergy.


  • Identification of triggers.


  • Expert doctor’s advice and service.


  • Pleasant environment.


  • Computerized results and plan of action.


  • Educational information.


  • Continuous support and advice.

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